Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lamb invasions, 4x8 foot mysterious cement slabs in the garden, 93 chickens and French men

Our little girl is growing up.  She is out of the house, still not potty trained and we are having empty nest syndrome. Ok, a joke indeed.  She spent a few nights in our house, woke us up in the night to eat and didn't get the concept of using a set place to urinate.  However, little lamb is growing, she is healthy and we are trying our hardest to teach her that she is in fact of the four legged, hay eating kind.  If you look closely you can see a black polka dot in the center; that is her.  She still follows us around, bahhs when you call her and is sweeter than any lamb we have ever raised before. 

And then we found a treasure.  Well, we thought it might be a treasure, or a grave or Mr. Stuckel's most prized possessions in the middle of the garden space.  It was none of these.  It was a randomly placed, extremely large and very thick piece of cement with nothing underneath-except for amazing rich dirt and no hopes of finding treasures.  We could not figure out what it could possibly have been, except for a huge pain in the a*& as it had to be dug out.  We had many people attempt to get it out and many hypothesise as to what it was.  In the long run, we dug up the middle of the garden with the tractor, got the slab out and began our garden almost all over again.  And I must say that the garden is as amazing as ever-minus the not pirate treasure.   What will we use these slabs of cement for?  I am sure that they will come in handy somewhere along the line.

We became a WWOOFR (Willing Workers on Organic Farms) site.  What this means is that people can come work on the farm and we host them; give them a place to sleep and feed them.  Our first arrived yesterday.  Antonin and Lenny are from the south of France.  They began their journey sailing to the island of Guadelupe, visiting Cuba and then traveling their way north through Mexico.  Along the way they contacted us and are here now.  Wow!!!  They are awesome.  Antonin is trained as a carpenter and Lenny as a chef.  In the day and a half that they have been here they have made a humanure toilet, worked on the garden fencing, created berms in the garden, helped feed the sheep, goats and dogs, and cooked great meals. You can see below the humanure toilet and the tent site.  Viva la France!  We totally dig them and their energy.  PLEASE SEND MORE LIKE THEM!!!! 

Plans for our near future:  planting the seeds in our garden, irrigation system for the garden, solar composting toilet, the arrival and care of our 93 baby chicks, and whatever else that comes our way!

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